Dear friends, welcome once again to the festival information service. Today, we shall break from the presentation of new confirmed bands, because for all our fans we have here one truly special gift and a contest at the same time!

Dear friends, we are announcing more confirmed bands! Again we are staying on the local scene, though this batch of new names is rather polarized genre-wise. On one hand there is post-rock, ambient and shoegaze, that is, something for all who enjoy atmospheric music, on the other hand stands death metal in its variations.

Dear friends, do you want more confirmed bands? Here you go! This time we will stay within the bounds of the Czechoslovak metal scene. Also, these bands have already played on MGCDF at least once before, but are ripe for a repeat.

Dear friends, after a brief intermission, we continue our roster ride, meaning we are announcing further confirmed bands! And since the dramaturgy of the 10th anniversary installment of ours/yours Czech metal feast is partly retrospective, some of today's additions to the festival bill will be no strangers to you.