Dear friends, we are fully aware that you are wondering which band plays when. Rest assured, we did not forget the running order of the anniversary 10th installment of MGCDF, nor did we intentionally delayed revealing it. In short, this time things simply took longer to fall into place so to speak. So finally, here is the complete line-up.

Dear friends, only about three weeks remain till the kick off of the anniversary 10th installment of our/your Czech metal feast, so we are moving on with our information service. Today we would like to present you the MGCDF 2018 merchandise that will be available on site, and as you can see, there will once again be plenty to choose from.

Dear friends, a practical announcement in which we would like to present to you the pastimes of the 10th anniversary installment, that is, activities you can partake in to fill an idle moment, take a break from the intense music production, as well as win some nice prize in case of some. And since you seemed to had enjoyed these last year, we will not shy away from them on the current installment :-)

Dear friends, if you are still missing tickets to the anniversary installment of MetalGate Czech Death Fest, we present to you our usual chance to win free entry to our festival!