Dear friends, today we shall finish the first trinity of the roster of the 10th anniversary installment of our Czech metal feast, which means announcing the third headliner. In this case we ventured into the Czech metal waters, where our invitation was accepted by the one and only Master's Hammer!

Dear friends, last time we took a sneak peek onto the roster of the upcoming 10th anniversary installment of the Czech metal feast, and today we will take another. Since for such occasion some retrospective is in order, we decided when choosing the bands to invite back some of the memorable guests that appeared on our stage in the course of MGCDF's existence.

Dear friends, since our/yours Czech metal feast has awoken once again, you surely wonder who will be on the roster for its 10th anniversary installment. Today we thus have a treat for you, as we can tell you the name of the first headliner of MGCDF 2018, that being the Canadian act Cryptopsy!

Dear friends, we just launched presale for the 10th anniversary installment of of the Czech metal feast MetalGate Czech Death Fest!