Thursday, June 13.      14:00 - 00:30

Friday, June 14.          10:30 - 00:20

Saturday, June 15.      10:30 - 00:35

On Thursday and Friday, there will be afterparties when the live shows are done for the day. See pastimes overview for further details.


Reception, festival currency exchange, beaker rental: Thursday 10:00 - 02:00, Friday and Saturday 8:00 - 02:00

Primátor beer tent: Thursday 10:00 - 02:00, Friday and Saturday 8:00 - 02:00

CDF Bar: Thursday 10:00 - 04:00, Friday 8:00 - 04:00, Saturday 8:00 - 02:00

Catering: Thursday 10:00 - 01:00, Friday and Saturday 8:00 - 01:00


Once again, the festival currency applies to everything being sold in the festival grounds - i.e. drinks, catering, as well as merchandise. The currency coupons will be available in the value of 1, equal to 16 CZK, and 10, equal to 160 CZK. The currency coupons can be purchased in the festival reception. 


This year, the Primator brewery prepared a special beer just for our festival. This English Pale Ale will be available only on the festival and only for its duration. Its world premier will be on Thursday, 14:00, in the beer tent. Additionally, you will also be able to buy the new Antonín light lager in special cans with the motif of our festival. 



Enjoy the great beer of our partner brewery Primátor for a very reasonable prices and taste our delicious festival catering for prices affordable by any mortal and hellspawn alike;

Get the festival currency and beaker in time so that ques are kept to a minimum;

Keep an eye on your things day and night. Although we are doing our best to provide ample security, it is not in our power to catch every lowlife masquerading as a festival visitor. We can neutralize them only of we do not give them a chance;

Try our pastimes;

Check out the festival merchstand, wherein we prepared for you once again a big collection of apparel and other items.



Maintain safety on site. The organizers are not responsible for any injuries caused by one's recklessness or disregard of rules.

Under-aged visitors are the responsibility of their parents, legal guardians or of personnel tasked with supervising the under-aged.

Swimming in lake Brodský is solely on your own risk.

Camping is allowed only in the designated camping area. Organizers are not responsible for things left unattended in the camp.

Use trash cans for garbage disposal. Any littering is a severe violation of festival rules.

For your hygiene use the appropriate facilities.

Parking on site is possible only in the designated area. Please, do not park elsewhere.

Taking photos is allowed only with mobile phones and/or pocket compact cameras. Taking photos during headliner performances is prohibited, except for accredited photographers. Follow the rules when this restriction goes into effect.

It is prohibited to bring into the festival grounds audio recorders, video cameras or any other equipment for audio and/or video recording. Making audio and/or video recordings is strictly prohibited, even for personal use.

It is strictly prohibited to bring into the festival grounds weapons, pyrotechnics, narcotics and other toxic substances, or any other dangerous items. Any visitor found in possession of said items shall be removed from the site without refund.

It is also prohibited to bring into the festival grounds your own alcoholic beverages.

Entry with animals into the festival grounds is also prohibited.

Medic and security staff is present on site, so in case of need, do not hesitate to approach them, or any other member of the organizing personnel. Organizers wear color t-shirts with festival logo for easier identification.

Be watchful while on site, especially in the camp area! Please report any suspicious behavior to the organizers or to the security staff.



The toilets are clean, comfortable to use, usually with ample toilet paper. Please keep them that way.

The festival site contains shower facilities with hot water!

The best thing will be to keep your cool so that everyone can enjoy the festival. Let's keep the great, friendly, and familiar atmosphere same as before.

Have a great time on our festival without any complications

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