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On this year’s MGCDF, payments at all vendors inside the festival venue will be handled via a cashless system that uses chips embedded in the festival wristbands and payment terminals at the vendors.

The system is comprised of:

  • The visitor’s identification wristband. This time containing a chip. All visitors will receive those as usual when arriving to the festival and presenting a valid ticket at the festival reception.
  • Charging spot. Initially, the chip on your wristband is empty and needs to be charged with credit. The charging spot is at the festival reception. The chip can be charged repeatedly. The credit charge can be paid for by cash or card.
  • NFCtron Tickets. Which is an online app, with which you can charge credit to your wristband chip in advance. You can also use the app to keep track of your spending, claim unspent funds once the festival concludes, or access the archive of e-receipts of your past purchases.
  • Payment terminal. Each vendor (merch stand, catering stand, pub, beer tent etc.) has one. The terminal serves as the cash desk for each vendor to input goods and price. Payment is done by tapping the wristband chip on the terminal screen.

Charging the chip in advance:

Advance charging is done via the NFCtron Tickets app. The app works on PC as well as on your smartphone. It is a small e-shop where you can buy credit, but only for the ticket purchased via NFCtron.

Once accessing the website, first input your name and the credit amount you wish to charge on your chip. In the next step, select the payment method. Once selected, you will be directed to a form to input your personal details and email address. Finally, you will be directed to a payment gate.

Once your credit is paid, you will receive an email to the address provided with access link to the NFCtron Tickets. Here, you will find a QR code. When you arrive to the festival, show this code upon entry, whereby you will receive your wristband with the pre-charged chip.

Advance charging will be launched May 30, 2022 on this website here: NFCTRON TICKETS

There is no fee for charging your chip in advance.

Charging the chip on site:

Upon entry to the festival, you will receive the festival wristband with a chip, on which you will then charge credit at the charging spot at the festival reception. You can pay for the credit with either cash or card. When charging your chip for the first time, there is a 30 CZK fee. All other re-charges are for free.

Once you pay for your credit, you will receive a receipt with a QR code. Do not lose it, since you will need the code for checking the credit balance and to claim your unspent credit once the festival is over.

How to keep track of your spending:

The best way to do so is to use the NFCtron Tickets app. For the duration of the festival, you can find there your current credit balance, your spending history, and e-receipts for all your purchases. We thus recommend registering to the app even in case you intend to buy credit on site and not in advance.

The amount spent and your current credit balance also show on the vendor’s payment terminal each time you make a purchase.

Unspent credit:

Claiming your unspent credit once the festival is done is for free with money being sent to accounts in CZK or in Euro with no limitations. To claim your unspent credit, use the NFCtron Tickets app. You can do it right away once the festival in over, or later on from home (in case you do not have a smartphone for example).

However, we recommend you do as soon as possible. All unspent credit claims must be filed within 14 days period after the festival ends. Afterwards the system will be closed and further refunds will not be possible.


How to get your remaining credit back: