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This year, our festival is proud to have received the CLEAN FESTIVAL certification, meaning that we recycle! Recycling bins will be readily available to all visitors throughout the venue. Recyclable waste will also be collected by our cleaning staff that will keep the collection points clean. Plastics, paper and metallic cans collected will be then transferred to the sorting line and afterwards moved to secondary processing – recycling.


How to?

The garbage is to be disposed of using special color-differentiated bins located in the venue. Yellow bins are for plastic waste and metallic cans, blue bins are for paper waste, black bins are for the remaining mixed waste. All waste from such collection points is then taken to special containers to be transferred to additional sorting and processing – recycling.

The clean festival certification

The EKO-KOM company, which oversees recycling in the Czech Republic, has been issuing the “Clean festival” certification to all responsible summer gigs for 16 years now. Thank you for helping us preserve up to 30 km2 of Czech nature each year.